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How to Access Instant Crash Games on Lotus365

Steps to follow to get Access to Quick Online Crash games on Lotus365 are as follows:

  • Visit the official Lotus365 website using your web browser on a mobile, laptop or the Lotus365 App. You need high-speed internet connection to play these games. 
  • If you are already Lotus365 user, log in using your mobile number and password. For new users, you’ll need to create a new account on Lotus365 and complete the registration process. You can also use Demo mode to 
  • Once you log in to the account, go to the International Casino section of the website. In this section find the area labeled as “Spribe”. For Aviator game shortcut is added on Lotus365 website home page.
  • Within the instant crash games section, you get a variety of games to choose from, such as Dice, Hilo, Keno, Mines, Plinko, and more. Browse our game library to check available game options and select the game you’d like to play.
  • Before starting any gameplay, read the rules of the selected game. Each game has different rules. so understanding will make play better.
  • Place your bets according to the game’s requirements. Choose specific options within the game interface like selecting numbers, and adjusting bet amounts.
lotus365 aviator

Lotus365 Aviator

Aviator offers the best experience with its features and potential for big payouts. Start your Aviator journey with a welcome bonus of up to 20,000 INR. This will increases your chances of scoring big wins right from the start. Get a chance to win up to 1,000,000x your bet, with great rewards. RTP value of 97% and Provably Fair algorithms, aviator game follows best betting practices. Aviator is available to all players with a betting limit ranging from 100 INR to 10,000 INR. The aviator game on Lotus 365 App can easily be played on Mobile devices and tablets. Practice your skills with the game with Lotus 365 Aviator’s demo version. Use auto-betting and auto-withdrawal features for added convenience and ease of play.


Dice is an instant game where every roll brings instant excitement and thrilling results. This rapid gameplay with instant outcomes, is perfect for players who need quick results. The goal of the Game is Players should predict whether the next number will be over or under a selected number. To place a bet, Choose between rolling under a set number (green button) or rolling over a set number (blue button). Correct predictions result in winnings calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the payout multiplier. Adjust the target number and odds of the game by dragging the payout line or entering a custom payout multiplier, giving you full control over your gaming experience. Previous round data is saved in the “Last results” section above the target number.

Dice on Lotus365
hilo on lotus365


Guess your Card in Hilo, players should predict the next card drawn will be higher, lower, or the same as the current one. With each correct guess, the overall bet multiplier increases. Players have the flexibility to cash out their winnings at any time by simply clicking the “Cash out” button. The current card in play is significantly displayed on the screen. This allows players to make correct decisions based on the card’s value. High, Low, and Same buttons enable players to select their preferred guess. You can keep track of your overall bet multiplier in your Lotus365 account history. 


KENO, In this game players select up to 10 numbers from a range of 1 to 36. In each round builds suspense as 10 winning numbers are revealed. The numbers chosen are considered as the player’s bets for the round. Once the player selects numbers and places their bet, the round begins on Lotus365. 10 winning numbers are randomly drawn and displayed on the board. The payout multiplier for each player is defined based on the number of selected numbers that match the winning numbers. The more numbers matched, the higher the possibility of a payout multiplier. Players can manually select their numbers by clicking on them on the board.

Keno on Lotus365


MINES classic game in which reveals stars hidden within the field while avoiding mines. Each revealed star leads to a payout increment, which will increase the chances of winnings for the player. Players need to strategically select tiles to reveal them one by one. Each tile may reveal either a star or a mine. Withdraw your winnings by clicking the “Cash out” button at any time. Players can secure their earnings and exit the game whenever they want. The number of mines hidden within the field can be customized by the player. This will impact the game’s odds and the potential bet multiplier.


In the PLINKO game players get a chance to drop a ball down to a pyramid-shaped board filled with pins. Players can choose the complexity level—Green, Yellow, or Red ball—before releasing the ball onto a board. A maximum number of pins in each row can be selected from 12, 14 to 16. This will also change the Odds on Lotus365 Plinko board. The result of each round is determined solely by the ball’s trajectory and where it lands on the board. At the bottom of the board, cells with different coefficients await the ball’s arrival. The number of the cell in which the ball lands determines the payout multiplier. The initial bet amount into the payout multiplier formula is used to calculate the winning amount.

Plinko on Lotus365